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This page is going to be under construction for quite some time, so check back to find out if new stories have been added! New stories have a nifty little icon next to them that says “new”! If you would like to have your own Alias Smith & Jones stories added to the archives, please email me! We can host your story directly on our site or can provide a link to another location, if you prefer. I can accept stories in most formats and will be happy to format your story into html. All stories hosted at this site are coded in html. Both slash (male/male) and het (male/female) adult stories are welcome at this site. Most of the stories (at this time) are het. The slash ones are marked as such.

I’ve put the stories in alphabetical order by AUTHOR. It’s still easy to find  stories by looking for the nifty icon.

Special thanks are due to Catherine, for all of her help with getting this archive started; Deb M. (her site is linked below!) for all of her help on the page and the graphics; Carolyn (her site is linked below!) for allowing me to use some of her fantastic scans, thereby saving me loads of time; and everyone who has contributed a story or art or anything else to the new site!

A number of people have written to me asking for some advice about submitting stories to the archive or for tips on writing fan fiction. Please don’t hesitate to ask! But here is a link that might help you out a little bit in the writing and formatting area. I have a style book at my Ashton Press site. It’s meant for authors who are submitting to my fanzines, but the advice holds true: Ashton Press Style Book. Also, at Deb’s site (linked below under ASJ sites), there are links to many resources for Western fan fiction writers! Check them out!

There is a guest book at the bottom of the page and also an e-mail link to write to us. Please sign the guest book and leave any comments you might have about the stories! Remember, fan writers and artists live for feedback. Alias Smith & Jones fiction sites are few and far between on the Internet. If you like having this archive of stories available here, give us and the writers some feedback! Sign our guest book at the bottom of the page and leave your comments!

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Fan Fiction


The Ella Series by Catherine. Please note that all of the other stories in the series are located on the Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive. The concluding story in the series, Restless Heart, will be published in the upcoming Just You, Me & the Governor #19.

Untouched Heart (Story #1 of the Ella Series) by Catherine. When a lady lawyer gets Heyes and the Kid out of trouble, Heyes soon finds that he's in a whole new kind of trouble -- he's developing feelings for her. This was written as a one-shot adult story, meant to give him a chance at having an encounter that would mean something to him, rather than yet another romp with a saloon girl. Little did I know what the characters had in store for me. First appeared in the fabulous adult & slash zine, Devil's Hole 2. (You want this zine. Trust me!) Feedback is appreciated by the author.

Where the Danger Lies (Story #1.5 of the Ella Series) by Quale. Catherine issued a challenge to Quale when the author complained that The Kid wasn’t getting any “action” in the Ella series. This story is the result (written with the consent of Catherine). Feedback is appreciated by the author.

On Urgent Business (Story #4 of the Ella Series) by Catherine. Could things get serious between a wanted outlaw and a lady lawyer? Surely not. But that only makes their stolen moments all the sweeter. Originally published in Devil's Hole #2. Feedback is appreciated by the author.

The First Night by Catherine. Feedback is appreciated by the author. Added 04/14/2000.

The Part Before We Say Goodbye (Story #8 of the Ella Series) by Catherine. This one takes place after Boys' Club and before Different Directions I & II, which can be found in Just You, Me and the Governor issues 14 and 15. Feedback is appreciated by the author.

The Red Strokes by Quale. This was a little attempt to give The Kid his equal share of romance and an adult story (that wasn’t slash). Feedback is appreciated by the author.

  Joker's Wild by Tenaya. A slash story (Heyes/Curry). Hannibal Heyes is attracted to danger and Kid Curry is the most dangerous thing around… Originally published in Devil’s Hole #1. Feedback is appreciated by the author.  Added 06/08/2001.

Nights in the Wilderness by Tenaya. A slash story (Heyes/Curry). Contains some violence and rape. Feedback is appreciated by the author.  Added 06/08/2001.

The Point of No Return by Tenaya. A slash story (Heyes/Curry). Feedback is appreciated by the author.  Added 06/08/2001.

Just Any Night by Vivian Darkbloom. A saloon girl who's ready to get out of the business finds that business can still be pleasure with a dark-eyed stranger who calls himself Joshua Smith. Added 06/21/2000.

ASJ Fiction at Other Sites

Neetz’ Fiction – You’ll find fan fiction from a lot of fandoms here, including Alias Smith & Jones. You’ll also find The Real Ghostbusters, Man From UNCLE, Remington Steele, Star Trek: Voyager, Shadow Chasers, X-Files, Quantum Leap and more!

Tenaya’s Fiction – Tenaya’s fiction has moved to this site (you’ll find her non-adult stories on the main archive).

A.G. Artis – You’ll find the “secret” life of Carole Howey here along with a sample of some great ASJ fan fiction! (This site has been moved or removed… if anyone knows the new address, please let me know.)

The Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive – You’ll find lots and lots of PG-rated fan fiction by numerous authors on this site!


Fanzines from Ashton Press – We have zines available in many different fandoms, including Highlander, Blakes 7, Man from UNCLE, Rat Patrol, Star Wars, Alias Smith & Jones, the Western genre, and multi-media. We carry both adult and “gen” titles. At this link you’ll find details about all of our zines, including excerpts of text, samples of artwork, and descriptions of zine contents.

One More Last Chance – What would happen if the elusive amnesty finally came through…but for only one of the partners? One More Last Chance follows Heyes and Curry on a new set of adventures, mixing angst and action along with some new characters along the way. Full color cover by Laura Virgil. Approximately 137,000 words. Follow the link to see the cover and some text excerpts and also to obtain ordering information!

Just You, Me and the GovernorCopies of this long-time ASJ fanzine are available directly from the publisher/editor. Cinda also sponsors another ASJ discussion list and I believe she is still publishing a Pete Duel fan newsletter. Some of Cinda’s multi-media zines have also featured ASJ stories.

Bite the Bullet #3 – ASJ stories from the first two issues of this Western multi-media genzine are posted here on our website with the kind permission of the author and the editor/publisher of the zine. It is my understanding that issue #3 is still in print. For information about ordering, please contact: Jan Keeler, 22440 Dickinson Rd, New Boston, MI 48164-9455

More Fanzine information coming soon!

Other ASJ Websites

Please go to our main ASJ Fan Fiction website to find a list of other ASJ links as well as links related to other Western series.

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